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VP copolymers

Aegimer™ is a family of novel vinyl pyrrolidone copolymers with modified maleates. Aegimer™ vinyl pyrrolidone maleate copolymers are precisely tuneable in their hydrophilic/hydrophobic balance. The polymers show strong affinity to skin substrates and are tuneable to form protective invisable highly waterproof skin barriers. Aegimer™ PVP-Maleate copolymers can be crosslinked forming hydrogel layers onto coated substrates or forming stand-alone gel depots.

Aegimer™ copolymers have been successfully developed towards super-lubricious medical device coatings. A strong technology base is available for antimicrobial skin care product formulations and echosonic medical device coatings (like for biopsy needles). Triggered release systems are being developed in an ongoing collaboration.

Aegimer™ is a registered trademark of PolyVation.