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PolyVation is expanding production capacity

PolyVation is expanding production capacity by adding four new clean production rooms for GMP compliant polymers for use in exciting cutting-edge medical devices and pharmaceutical products!

After ample preparation and engineering work by our facility team and partners, towards the end of last year construction of four new clean production areas was initiated at PolyVation. The expansion is a response to our customers’ ever increasing demand for GMP-compliant polymers, and further supports PolyVation’s growth strategy.

In order to re-purpose two spaces on the ground floor of our building, all existing equipment and facilities were either relocated to a new external storage location or other parts of the building and existing interior walls were removed. Comprehensive and completely new utility infrastructure for e.g. electricity and air-treatment was put in place to ensure the perfect atmosphere in the production rooms and allowing safe large scale operations in polymer chemistry. The flooring has been renewed and the first new walls are now being constructed, so the contours of the new facilities become visible.

The project is ran according to a tight schedule in order to start production in the new areas as soon as possible, in the next months. Shortly, the first pieces of equipment will arrive for installation in the new production rooms and subsequent Site Acceptance Testing and Validation.

This project comes in addition to the expansion of our R&D facilities which opened mid last year and where 18 new hoods were created for R&D and related scale-up activities. The first processes that were developed there are now ready to be transferred to Manufacturing.

It’s truly exciting to see PolyVation develop in such a fast pace and we’re already making plans for the next steps. We’ll keep you posted!