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PolyVation expands in R&D and manufacturing facilities

PolyVation is preparing for the future by further expanding in R&D facilities and manufacturing facilities.

The portfolio of manufactured polymers and the number of polymer and process development projects is rapidly expanding. Our medical and pharmaceutical clients demonstrate ongoing success in clinical studies and in commercializing products made of polymers manufactured by PolyVation. Their success translates in higher demands for the polymers and with that require further scaling-up.

We will realize a new 275 sqm R&D laboratory fully equipped for multiple polymer and process development projects. Two new production clean rooms of about 125 sqm each will be created allowing clean manufacturing of polymers upto 10-25 kg batch scale. This will bring our total number of production clean rooms to six, and with that enabling execution of six clean processes at the same time and at various manufacturing scales from small to relatively large.

We foresee that our team will grow in the coming years from 40 to about 75 professionals fully dedidated to polymer synthesis, process development, polymer manufacturing, analysis and quality. New offices, meeting rooms and related facilities have been created alrady to cope with our ambition of growth.

This expansion in facilities is financially supported by the Dutch Ministery of Economic Affairs, Economic Board Groningen and the Province of Groningen.