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Hyaluronic Acids

We are very experienced in functionalization of biopolymers, such as dextrans, gelatins and hyaluronic acids. Regarding hyaluronic acids, in one configuration we developed a thiol functionalized hyaluronic acid and an allyl modified polyglycidol. Upon formulating both polymers in buffered water and exposing to UV-light they quickly crosslink forming a hydrogel by click chemistry. The system allows printing 3D contructs for tissue engineering. The polymer system allows crosslinking in the presence of cells. With that the system, or the individual components, are highly interesting for all kinds of cell delivery purposes.

For R&D we have a thiolated hyaluronic acid available (MW ~12 kDa, DoS ~30%) in units of 5 grams. The polymer is made using a process that is scaled-up in volume and quality to near GMP. We can quickly move to a quality that makes the polymer utilizable in product formulations for clinical studies in human and later clinical commercial use.

Apart from the abovementioned grade thats is directly available, we can customize modification of hyaluronic acids in type of (reactive) side-group and degree of subsitition, to your particular interest.